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Warm Simple 1 L Hot Water Bottle Safe Water-filled, Hot Water Bottle (Heart-shaped, Rose Red)

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Warm Simple 1 L Hot Water Bottle Safe Water-filled, Hot Water Bottle (Heart-shaped, Rose Red)
  • Tips: Each package contains a hot water bottle
  • Material: PVC (bottle)
  • Tip: In order to avoid scald, do not use boiling water! Also, do not use the microwave to heat!
  • When children use, they should be under the supervision of their parents. The surface of the product should be protected from sunlight and oil
  • Please clean hot water bottle and place it in the shade after using.

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Ships from Hong Kong. The bottle of this product with thick PVC material, has good impermeability. The screwing lid with environmental polypropylene, is durable, so you do not worry that water will overflow to burn hands when you pour water into the bottle. Moreover, its smooth cover, is comfortable for our skins. Notes: When pouring water into the bottle, you can fill it with two-thirds of its capacity. After filling hot water, please cover the nut, but do not tighten it at first. Then you should squeeze the extra air out of the hot water bottle. At this time, please tighten the nut, but do not over tighten to prevent. After screwing the nut, you should put the bottle upside down, which can make extra water drop and dry it with dry cloth finally. Please note that the pattern of the cover is random.

Item Specifics

SKU WK-HEA3763901-LYDIA00582
Brand Wukong Paradise
Color Rose Red
Material PVC
Closure Type Lid
Target Audience Keyword adults, womens, olders
Size 10.6 x 8.6 inch

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